The perfect gift for the traveler in your life


What’s something you’ve been seeing constantly on Pinterest + Instagram? For me it’s traveler’s notebooks. They’re everywhere! It’s definitely a trend I can get behind – they’re super functional + can be used for a bunch of different things like planning, bullet journaling, + scrapbooking.


When it comes to the traveler’s notebook, I decided to take the name pretty literally this time around – meaning, I made a traveler’s notebook FOR traveling.

IMO, a personalized traveler’s notebook is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life!

A bit of back story:

In October, my sister and our dad are going on a crazy 3 week trip to Asia. Yes, THREE WEEKS. I know, right? She’s actually been blogging throughout the planning stages and will continue to document their entire journey – if that kind of thing is your jam then follow her here! Anyway, my sister will be celebrating her 25th birthday while they’re away and I knew I wanted to make her something special/meaningful – hopefully something trip related. Enter: the traveler’s notebook.

I came across these cool (and thrifty!) traveler’s notebooks at Michaels:

traveler notebook michaels

Cute, right?

I love traveler’s notebooks, but they do tend to be a bit pricey (try A LOT pricey). Thankfully Michaels has provided an inexpensive alternative! The notebook cover with a pocket insert + journal only cost me a little over $10 after my 40% off coupon. You can definitely tell that this particular brand of traveler’s notebook (Recollections) is of lower quality than your typical Midori, but at this price point it’s cool with me! They also have graph + lined paper inserts and pocket inserts that you can buy separately – also at a really good price point.

My sister has a serious case of wanderlust, so this gift fits her perfectly.


I tried to keep the notebook as simple + light as possible – it had to be compact/lightweight since they will primarily be using travel backpacks on their trip.

4 things I knew I wanted to include:

  1. Lots of space for journaling!
  2. Pockets/envelopes for collecting ticket stubs, leaves, brochures, etc.
  3. Spaces for photos which she can add in once she’s home
  4. Journaling prompts

I know it can be overwhelming to journal while traveling, so I made sure to include different journaling prompts to jump-start her writing. I added in prompts like flight details, favourite restaurants, and memorable quotes – just a few things that I know I would want to remember about a trip.

Her main attraction to Asia is elephants; she’s spending time at an elephant sanctuary while she’s there. Since she has a penchant for elephants, I added in metallic gold elephant-themed paper so it would be a bit more personalized.

I filled up the blank notebook with “guided” journaling, but wanted to leave her space for her own ideas + drawings + memories. When I picked up the traveler’s notebook at Michaels, I also grabbed a graph paper notebook to add. I chose graph paper to make it easier for bullet journaling + drawing.


I hope that this journal will serve her well on her adventure + preserve her memories so she can continue to enjoy the experiences.

Haleigh, happy early birthday + Bon Voyage!




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